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They’re still frozen in place – the cars of Versoix.

I wonder if they’ll pick up any parking tickets?

I’ve just got back from the lake-front where this sad Suzuki (yes, that’s what it is under all that icing)  has been immobilised. And there are more cars stuck to the street. But they’re attracting the crowds. They must be the most-photographed cars on the planet at the moment.

 It’s been 4 days now, and there’s no prospect of a thaw just yet. So there’s time to get down there, if you’re in the region, and capture some extraordinary images. Just remember to wrap up warm – the bise wind is still slicing off the lake – and wear crampons or some sort of gripper on your shoes. That street’s more slippery than a barrel-full of buttered eels.

Don’t just photograph the cars, either. There are lots of other opportunities …

What’s more, dial up a stop or so of Exposure Compensation as there’s a lot of bright whites in these scenes. That’s what I did, to prevent the ice coming out grey.


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