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Caption : Photographer, isolated on white

Once a week on Tuesday evenings, in Nyon

(2 minutes from autoroute with ample free parking. On public transport routes)

13 January  to 31 March, 2015

(With two breaks, one on 27 January, and the second on 17 February (second one to coincide with International Schools’ half term break)

Time: 19:30 to 21:00h each evening

Places limited to 10 participants

Ten weekly sessions to help you improve your photography by learning to use all those controls on your camera.
You also get weekly assignments to help you practice what you learn, and the group will discuss their photos in the following session.
The course is given in a straightforward, non-technical manner, and is in English.

Suitable for beginner photographers.

This will be a ‘hands-on’ practical course. Participants should bring the camera they use.

Cost: CHF385

You can reserve a place online here

(Or, if you would prefer printed details and an application form, download the flyer here.)


Topics to be covered will include:

Getting to grips with your camera
How your camera takes a photograph. The basics – aperture, shutter speed and correct exposure. Getting sharp images – focus and depth of field.
Moving beyond automatic
Your camera’s controls. How they work and when to use the different options
More sophistication
Lens types, their uses and effects. Controlling the sensitivity of the sensor with ISO settings. Image quality settings. Exposure compensation
Light sources – flash and available light – how to control them and use them to best effect. Special lighting situations – low light, backlight, sun and shade, fill-in flash
The elements of visual composition
Ways of turning mediocre photographs into good ones and good ones into great. Viewpoint, lines, angles, Rule of Thirds
… to family, portrait, landscape, sports and action photography
What can go wrong with your photos and what to do about it
Camera care
Looking after your camera and equipment
Photo accessories
The good, the bad, and the useless


Reserve your place now! Online here

For full details and an application form, download a printable flyer from here





  1. Natalie Evans says:

    Alistair’s style enables natural absorption of technical information – you will quickly gain the confidence to avoid the auto setting and will see progressive results. The artistic element that ran through the course was a delightful surprise – immensely inspiring!

  2. Victoria McWade says:

    This course exceeded my expectations! It has taught me to look at things differently, understand different techniques and ultimately how the use my camera. I’m really chuffed with the results I am now achieving.

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