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Making ‘Jet d’Eau

Geneva’s Jet d’Eau is iconic. It’s been photographed billions of times.

What’s new to shoot?

Well … how about changing the viewpoint for starters? Get down low. Use a wide angle lens. Angle your camera to add dynamic. Have a tourist almost the same size as the jet …

And use a polarising filter (or a polarizing one if you’re American and reading this) to make the sky bluer.

Oh … and don’t forget to turn the filter until the sky is the colour you want it. I’m staggered by the number of people I teach who have one of these hugely useful filters and don’t realise they can be rotated to control the effect.

Technical details: Sigma 17-35mm lens at 22mm with polarising filter, ISO200, 1/200th second at f8. .


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