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The World’s Greatest Photographs


In this section I show a selection of photographs that are widely considered to be some of the world’s greatest images. And I discuss what it is about them that I think makes them great … or not. For some images I fail to see their greatness. Maybe someone else does.

They are my opinions, and mine only … but this is an area for discussion. You may not agree with me. If so, let me know. I would welcome your opinions, too. So please feel free to have your say. (N.B. All comments are moderated and offensive ones, or spam, will not be published.)


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No. 1
Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 8 in the morning

by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre


No. 2
The Endurance – crushed by ice

by Frank Hurley


No. 3
Migrant Mother

by Dorothea Lange




No. 4

The Apollo 8 crew


No. 5
Fallen Republican Soldier

by Robert Capa



 No. 6
Das Baumchen
by Albert Renger-Patzsch


No. 7
Dog lies by its owner’s grave
by Vanderlei Almeida

    No. 8
Guerrillero Heroico
by Alberto Korda