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Alistair’s book ‘Photography’ is one of the titles in the Greatest Guide series.

This fully-illustrated, 192-page book is a straightforward guide to using your camera effectively.  It is packed with non-technical advice that will help you take better photographs and profit from them.

Though written with a humorous tone, it gives serious guidance on everything from buying your equipment, through using the camera’s exposure controls, to techniques for portrait, landscape and family photography. There is even a chapter on earning cash from your camera.

Buy this guide and keep it handy in your camera bag. You will find it hugely useful. Amongst other things, this book will help you:

  • Choose the best camera for your needs
  • Get shark-tooth sharp, correctly exposed images, time and time again
  • Take stunning portraits of family, friends and pets
  • Photograph sports, landscapes, after dark … and even capture a flash of lightning
  • Add drama to your images with simple techniques
  • Understand how to care for your camera
  • And, make your hobby pay for itself.

You’ll find Alistair’s  Greatest Guide to Photography a source of information and inspiration – as valuable as a third eye.

Available from Amazon UK (where you can browse through the first few chapters) and from all good bookshops.


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