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On location, in your own home … or online

Alistair offers tailor-made courses to suit individuals or small groups of friends, on location in the Jura, around the La Cote vineyards, in local urban areas, at the lakeside, at your home, or in a location of your choice.

What the tuition comprises:

  • Individual tuition and guidance with your own camera, helping you to understand and master its controls

  • Advice and guidance on seeing images and photographic composition

  • Advice on specialised areas of photography if desired, e.g. macrophotography, landscape, low-light or portrait photography

  • A free signed copy of Alistair’s photography guidebook.

Certain specialised items of equipment, such as reflectors, wireless flash controls and individual flash units are available for use during the sessions. Certain lenses (e.g. macro or wide angle) to fit Nikon cameras are also available.

The duration of workshops is highly flexible, according to your needs and availability.

The minimum length for a course of tuition is 1 hour. A course of this length would typically be for specific advice on using the features of your own camera – any model covered.

There is no maximum length – courses can be half a day, 1 day, a weekend, or longer, depending on your needs.

Basic rate: CHF100 per hour, plus transport costs outside the Nyon/Rolle area. Use of equipment is charged extra.

Alistair can also work with you online, providing advice and photo-critiquing. Rates negotiable.

Email Alistair for further information or requests.



  1. Christina says:

    Hello, I would be interested to give as a gift to my boyfriend some hours of individual course with you, he is already quite familiar to use the camera, he has a Nikon D5200 but he would like to advance his personal style and learn more, can you please send an email to see if we can arrange that? it would be for end of November or early December

  2. Anna Matray Chapuis says:

    Hello, I have just seen your post on FB and wanted to know if other courses will be given? I have already been hired for some small photography job but would like to improve my knowledge (using flashes, light room, etc)
    Thanks in advance for your reply,

    • Alistair says:

      Thanks for your query Anna. I can certainly give tuition in those areas, and I have replied to you by email as that is a more convenient means of communication.

      Best regards


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