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Freeware for photographers


There are stacks of computer programs that will help you with your photography – programs for sorting out your images and editing them, managing them, programs to convert one file type into another, programs for creating panoramas or resizing your images, programs for making slide shows. The choice is vast.

Unfortunately, commercial versions of these programs can be expensive. Very expensive. The full version of the image editing program Photoshop, for example, costs a great deal more than most cameras.

But don’t despair. There are many excellent photography-related programs that cost nothing (though if you care to make a donation I’m sure the creators would appreciate it).

These freeware programs cover the whole gamut of photography from when you are planning a shoot to final printing of the image.

To help you keep your photographic costs to a minimum, I’m providing a selection of some of the best ones that I’ve found.

For each program I have used … and I haven’t used them all … I have added a few personal comments. If you know of any others that you’d recommend, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list. Also, if you have experience with any of these programs, and would like to add a review comment, please contact me with the details.

Tell me, too, if there are any programs to be avoided.

Choose your freeware …


If you know of any other useful, and free, photographic software please let me know, either by emailing me, or filling in the comments box below.