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Photo Tip — Flash

If you are using bounce flash to take portraits – with the head of the flash pointing up at a white ceiling – tape a small piece of white paper behind the flash head to reflect a little light forward. This will help fill in any shadows under the eyes and nose of your subject.

(N.B. some flash units have a little built-in white reflector which you can pull out to do the same job.)


Featured page

The Photographer's Ephemeris


The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a great piece of freeware – or a free app – for landscape photographers.

It shows you in which direction, and when, the sun and the moon will rise and set, in any part of the world. And it does it with lines on a map, or a satellite image, so you can easily visualise the result.

This is just one useful program I tell you about in the freeware pages of my resources section.

Check them out and find all the ways you can improve your photography … and the post-processing of your photographs … all for free! (You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on Photoshop.)